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Product Description

kindly notice because we update the touch pen so many of our customer will receive the black touch pen.
black touch pen is much expensive than white touch pen. hope you kindly notice that. here is the picture
· Has 3D function also support 2D to 3D function.
· ROM 8G RAM 2G SUPPORT TF card expend
· Ergonomic: this projector fits well in your hand
· Projector Built-in Android system, touch panel easy to cooperate
· Mobile phones mirror screen, with hoisting interface, save space
· Mini projector but rich Interface, beautiful appearance
· Projector Can be used as mobile power bank after full charge
· This projector Light and easy to carry, it can be used even go out after full charge
G20 touch screen projector support handwriting function through touch pen,
· 8 Core CUP & 8 Core GPU, processing quickly
· Home theater projector, large screen high brightness but not as harmful as TV
· Double heat dissipation system, small volumn
· Business projector, Mark the focus in meeting, improve efficiency
Education projector,
teach baby painting
or play game
such as
FishLord but will not leave traces
Projectors which has built-in android system all have
facebook, twitter, youtube, google,
online tv or
other function, you can download the apps through
market by yourselve
This projector support many languages.
Different from G20 projector,
G20 touch screen projector
has handwriting function, it's newly developed

by the R & D department in order to satisfied customers who need it, such as
teacher teaching, boss meeting,
play with
children, if you just need watch TV like theater,
you also can search G20 in our store.
G20 touch screen projector is hot selling in our local market
because of high-end and good quality,
but you will get this projector in a lower price because
discount activity,
it will stop at anytime,
· If you are an agent. we also support logo customize according quantity, we are mini projector factory
so we can try our best to meet all your needs.


Dear customer, we will send the projector with gift, now we have 5 gifts for choice:

Mini projector tripod, Bluetooth speaker, Usb disk 16GB. Laser flip pen, 3D glasses

We will send one of these projector gifts at random according to the projector style you buy, thanks.

Android System Projector Real Photo

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About Our Projector And Other Details:

We Are Micro Intelligent HD Portable DLP Home Business Education Projector Factory, We Support

Wholesale And Customize According To Quantity, We Supply High-Tech And High-Quality Projectors

For Our Customers, Compared To Produce Cheap But Many Problem With Limited Function Projector

We Only Do High-Quality And Cool Projectors, You Will Feel Value For Money

Our projectors can synchronize the phone pad or computer screen to wall or other place and project a

large screen, you can see TV or play game through phone pad or computer but display very large screen

screen in the wall, all of them can disconnect the power supply and use outside when fully charged, part

of our goods have mobile power bank function and can supply power for phone.

Our projectors support English and many other languages,we are factory we support color and language

and other details customize when quantity is large, our projector use high-tech technology, we ensure the

quality, our projection is more clear and better, it is not traditional projector but new tech cool projector,

we have many cerlifications to prove our strength, we support retail and wholesale, kindly contact me if

want to know more details of our projectors, I will try my best to service you and never let you down.

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About Noise:

1. The lubricating oil in heat dissipation fan will be coagulated after projector turn off for while. The fan can have louder noise when we just turn it on. When the lubricating oil release the solidification, the noise will be lower.

2. Also, noise we can hear from projector come from 2 hardware. The first is color wheel. The rotate speed of color wheel is around 6000 revolutions per minute. The smaller of projector, the louder noise it could have. The situation is common for all projectors.

3. The second hardware is projector fan. The objection of fan is ventilation and heat dissipation. As projector apply intelligent fan control system. Fan will adjust revolution speed according to the temperature tested by thermistor. The higher speed may cause louder noise which intends to dissipate heat. Then it can protect projector and the lamp. If no more noise about fan, that's because the fan aging. Then you can consider to change a new fan. Or no protection for projector lamp or other hardware. Change a lower power fan to reduce brightness and heat dissipation is an optional method but not recommended by us.

About Lens:

Little dust may get into projector from the exhaust port during transportation. This is a phenomenon may happen which is not the quality problem of the machine itself. Non-dust cloth wipe the lens may help. Ethyl alcohol is prohibited to use in this occasion.

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