Children’s Electric Motorcycle Child Electric Tricycle Can Take Baby Toy Car Baby Ride on Toy Car motorbike with Music and Light

List price: US $43.09
Price: US $43.09
Color: pink yellow red

Product Description

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COMES WITHOUT BATTERIES due to international air mail regulation.

Music lights, forward, backward, stop the three-block switch, 25W single motor.

of new environmental PP material, it is strong and durable. It has many pieces of music, backup box, alarm lamp, can move forward and backward, and has complete functions. The 4.5ah battery weighs 5 kilograms net. It is very convenient to carry. It can be put in the trunk of the car smoothly for outing.

The use of brand buggy dedicated lead-acid battery, long life (4.5ah life of about 2 hours,), durable.