HY-500 230V/110V AC Electric Impact wrench 230V Auto tools ( GS,CE,EMC,E-MARK, PAHS, ROHS Certificate)

Price: US $95.99

Product Description

Technical Specifications
Voltage:230V/110V AC
torque: 500N.M
Fuse rating : 15A
Square retainer diameter:12.7mm(1/2″ )
Included socket diameters:17/19mm,21/23mm(11/16″–3/4″,13/16″—7/8″)
Included socket diameters:17/19mm,21/23mm(11/16″–3/4″,13/16″—7/8″)
CAUTION-material damage
l Do not overload the tool. Do not apply excessive pressure to the impact wrench. If the screws cannot be moved and the wrench freezes, stop the operation. Either use a more powerful tool or continue with a manual wrench. Do not attempt to continue to turn the screw manually with the impact wrench.
l Do not operate the tool for longer than a maximum of 10 minutes without interruption. Then take a 10 minute break to allow the wrench to cool down.

DANGER-hazard of accident due to faulty screw connections

After tightening, check the screw connections for visible signs of damage

1. Plug the 220 volt power adapter plug into the cigarette lighter. The impact wrench is ready for use.
2. Always thread a screw or nut by hand to start it before tightening with an impact wrench.
3. Put an appropriately sized socket wrench on the square retainer.
4. Set the rotation selector to imprinted arrow “REV” for clockwise and imprinted arrow 'FWD' for counter- clockwise rotation .
5. Press the on/off switch to turn the tool on.
6. Release the switch to turn the tool off.