Original USB Cable For iPhone X 8 7 6 3 in 1 -Type C / Micro USB / iPhone Charging Charger Mobile Phone Cable for Android IOS

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Price: US $59.00
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Original USB Cable For i-Phone X 8 7 6 3 in 1 -Type C / Micro USB / i-Phone Charging Charger Mobile Phone Cable for Android IOS

  • This is not original xiaomi USB cable.

  • Different from the ordinary 3-1 usb cables,it supports 3A fast charge to chieve fast charge of three devices at the same time.

  • With bold high-quality tinned copper wire core,it has strong charge .Speeding up charging by 30%.

  • In 3-1 design,it enables intelligent shunt to meet the charging requirements of different interface devices.With stable charging ,it does not hurt the machine.

  • With high-quality woven bylon material,it is unlike ordinary nylon material,flexible,easy to bend,bening-resistant,firm and more durable.

  • With high-quality aluminum alloy shell,it is not rusty and corrosion-resistant,which sensitively ans accurately adapts to device interface for charging.

  • Do I still have to pay customs duty?

The Price do not include customs duties. You may be charged customs according to the requirement of the local customs.

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Longer use life with nylon

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