Original Xiaomi Wireless Charger Qi Smart Quick Charge Fast Charger 7.5W for Mi MIX 2S iPhone X 8 plus 10W For Sumsung S9

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Price: US $14.99
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Model number: Xiaomi Wireless Charger(Universal fast charge version) WPC01ZM

Input: 5.0V/2A 9V/1.6A

Input interface: Type-C

Out put: 5.0V/5W Max 9.0V/10W Max

Transmission distance:≤4mm

Material: Aluminum alloy +Silicone

Operating temperature: 0~40℃

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Xiaomi Wireless Charger
Universal fast charge version
Qi wireless standard | 10W Max wireless fast charge | Intelligent compatible | Metal texture body

Support Qi wireless charging protocol
Xiaomi Wireless Charger (Universal Fast Charge Edition) complies with the Qi wireless charging standard
introduced by the Wireless Charging Alliance. Charging smart devices that support the Qi protocol.

Support a variety of models intelligent fast charge
Xiaomi wireless charger (universal fast charge version) supports fast charging of various models, can provide 7.5W charging for Xiaomi MIX2S,
can provide 7.5W charging for iPhone 8, iPhone 8Plus, iPhone X, and also for Samsung S9 10W charging.

TIPS:Compared with wired fast charging technology, wireless fast charging technology is relatively inferior in charging power, but its flexible charging experience is better.
It is recommended to charge continuously when using, and the full power is faster.

Metal foreign object detection protection
In daily use, small metals such as coins are easily caught between the wireless charger and the mobile phone,
causing the temperature to be too high. Xiaomi wireless charger (universal fast charge version) has addedmetal foreign material protection.
When metal foreign matter is recognized, it can automatically cut off or control the surface temperature of metal foreign matter within a reasonable range to avoid excessive temperature.

Can also be charged with a protective cover
Xiaomi wireless charger (universal fast charge version) stable sensing distance of up to 4mm, even with a protective cover can be charged .

*Please use a protective cover with a thickness of less than 4mm, and make sure that the inside and outside of the protective cover are free of metal.

Multiple protections are safer
Various safety protection measures such as temperature protection and input overvoltage protection are adopted
to ensure the safety of the equipment during the entire charging process.

LED indicator, smart tips
Xiaomi wireless charger (universal fast charge version) LED smart reminder light to give you a hint,
through the light or flashing of the indicator light, it is easy to judge whether the equipment running state is normal.
Turn on:the light flashes three times
Standby: the light is not lit
Protection: the light flashes
Power transmission: the light is always on
Error message: the light is blinking

Material quality
Made of silicone material with comfortable touch, which not only increases friction and shock absorption effect,
but also ensures that the mobile phone can be charged stably and prevent falling and causing bumps.

Delicate and minimalist look
Adopt aluminum alloy shell, based on the conventional metal surface treatment process,
intimately increases the CNC edge-edge process at the edge of the shell,
and performs high-polished secondary anode treatment, visually presenting a Exquisite contours enhance the sense of quality while enhancing the feel.