Outdoor Amusement Park Playground Battery Operated Electric Toys ATV Racing Car Adults Kids Ride On Beach Cars

Price: US $997.00

Product Description

Product Name: Outdoor Amusement Park Playground Battery Operated Toy Car
*Material: FRP
*Size: L110*W67*H58cm
*Car weight: 40KG
*Loading weight: 100KG
*Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green .
*Motor Power: 24V 250W
*Battery: 12V 20A*2 pieces
*Light: Colorful LED light +Maple Leaf Lamp
*Speed: 110-150meters/minute .
*Control box: Intelligent Voice MP3 + Smart Timing 1-60m+volume control .
*Suitable Place: Amusement Park, Playground, Games Center.
*Warranty: 12 months .
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*Frequently asked questions:

1.Can you give me a Discount?

Answer: We are Manufacturer (Factory) ,

Our policy is that Bigger quantity, Cheaper price,

We Will Give you Discount Price Depending On Your Order Quantity .

2.Why The Cars Can't be shipped by Air ?

Answer: There are 2 reasons:

*1. As the Cars include battery, Can't be shipped by air .

*2. As the Car's volume weight are bigger than product's real weight,

If Shipping by Air, The Shipping cost is very very expensive .

You need to pay extra expensive Shipping cost .

*We will ship the Car by sea(ship),

Shipping by sea, the shipping cost is much more cheaper than by air .

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4. I have ''Shipping Agency'' in China, Can I use my agency to ship for me?

Answer: Yes, you can, If you use your agency to ship the product for you,

you only need to pay product cost to our company .