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Color: ZAG2017-S9-H ZAG2017-S9-B ZAG2017-S9-Y

Product Description

Product Description:

  • 1.Four independent unlocking methods: Fingerprint, Password, Card and Mechanical key.
  • 2. Adopting America TI core chip ensures high precision and high safety performance.
  • 3.OEM & ODM available.
  • 4.Fake closing alar, Jimmying resistance and low voltage alarm.
  • 5.With normal-open function.


  • Model: ZAG2017-S9
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Unlock mode: Fingerprint +Password+ Card + Key
  • English voice operation system: Yes
  • Card User: 100
  • Fingerprint User: 100
  • Password User: 100
  • Fingerprint read: Biometrics sensor
  • Color: Red Bronze/Silver/Black
  • Chip Type: M1 13.56mhz
  • Lock Cylinder: Class C
  • Read time: less than 1 seconds
  • Type keypad: Touch screen keypad
  • Working power: 4 pcs AA batterie
  • Password function: support virtual password
  • Suit for the door thickness about 38-110mm
  • Keep-open settings:3 +7+press unlock key,the door is in stay-open statu

Secturity Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Digital Password Door Lock Keyless Card Door Lock For Home Office Apartment

Fingerprint Unlocking:

Max support 100pcs fingerprint registering.

Password Unlocking:

Max support 100pcs password registering.

Support 6 digits password.

You can input any number before or after correct password (Guard against peeping)

Note: Continuously input the wrong password 5 times,the keypad will be locked 5 minutes (More Security)

M1 Card Unlocking:

The lock work with M1 13.56mhz card,

Max support 100pcs cards registering.

Mechanical Key Unlocking:

Emergency key to open the door or if you don't want to use fingerprint, password or cards.

Item include 2pcs free keys

English voice operation system:

English voice prompts how to add fingerprints, passwords and cards, how to delete fingerprints, passwords and cards, how to change the password. Operation more easier

Free-style handle:

Free handle prevents violent opening.

Lift the handle — Locked
Press the handle — Unlocking

Battery Box:

The battery box in the front of the lock. If the battery no have any power,you can replace the battery from outdoor.

Note:How to open the battery box,please follow this picture.

Lock Cylinder and keys:

With anti lock body,only real cylinder can real anti-thief

Class C lock cylinder is manufactured according to the safety standard of national .The key adopts double side double row with inner grooves + side marble design,and the inner of lock cylinder adopts multi track double marbles.The anti drilling experiments have exceeded the national C level lock core standards.Higher security factor,better user experience.The technical open time is two times of class B lock cylinder,and even can not open,fully beyond the B level lock more.

How to adjust the direction of the handle:

Take away two screws, rotate 180 degrees, Please follow this picture.

How to adjust the locking tongue for In-opening or Out-opening:

Push the locking tougue adjust it,Please follow this picture.

Product Detail:

Package List:

Front panel *1

Back panel *1

Lock body *1

Lock catch *1

Mortise *1

Mechanical key*2

Cards *6

Accessories * 1 package

Instruction *1

Please pay attention when you order

1# Please tell us the direction of the door and thickness of the door.

When you are standing outside the door, or when you are standing in the hallway

A: Left Push

B: Right Push

C: Left Pull

D: Right Pull

(Note: Please also tell us your door is wooden or metal.)

Products Guarantee:

1. Within one year: Sent the broken part for replace free.(unless human destruction)

2. Above one year: Supply broken part for replace,please pay the cost and shipping fee.