Tactical headset helmet peltor comtac i ii iii bracket curved rail adapter for mounting tactical lamp helmet bracket accessories

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Product Description


Quick helmet accessory track adapter set for helmet mounted on tactical flashlight Peltor Comtac headset Ops core helmet ARC track adapter

100% new brand and new quality

Mounted on OPS CORE helmet rail

Suitable for FAST series helmets, ACH series helmets, MICH helmets and Peltor Comtac i ii iii earphones, rails for ARC rails

The ARC mounting kit platform accessory of the tactical flashlight allows you to easily install the tactical flashlight on the helmet, making it easier to use in the dark.

Easy to install and easy to operate. After installation, it can rotate freely.

installation method:

1. Remove the bracket pivot screws and external components.

2. Install the bracket rail accessories on the bracket shaft so that the plane faces outward, and then reinstall the components.

3. Use the supplied ARC mounting kit screws or the screws of the bracket adapter to fix the components. Do not overtighten and keep the adapter movable.

4. Unscrew the flash screw, align the guide rail with the flash, and then tighten it again.

Note: This product does not include helmet, earphone stand and flashlight