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List price: US $51.99
Price: US $51.99
Color Name: 70mai dash cam 1S DVR Russian Version
Ships From: China Poland Russian Federation
Sd Card Memory: micro SD Card 64GB micro SD Card 16GB micro SD Card 32GB NO micro SD Card

Product Description

Buyer Attention:

70mai Dash cam now have a new upgrade version-1S.
Now already arrived in warehouse and have enough stock in Poland and China.
If you want the night effect is more better when driving, just choose the 1S.

Product Description:

Original Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam WIFI wireless voice control

All for Recording Driving.

Voice Controls Basic Function Setting, Photography and video. Free Your Hands From Now On!

Now we have two Versions for 70mai dash cam.

The function is same.Just the support language is different.

English Version: The instruction manual and voice Prompt/control and APP only support English.

Russian Version:The instruction manual and voice Prompt/control and APP only support Russian.

Warm tips:

The video is 1minute each time.

Because the 70mai car DVR Camera will remove the video automatically when the card is full. If the video is too long, will be removed. Once you need to find some Special moment videos, you will find nothing. So in this way, will be more safe and comfortable.

70MAI: Smartest Dash Cam Featuring Voice Control

Main Features:

● AI Integrated
● 1080P Full HD
● Sony IMX323 High Sensitivity Image Sensor
● 130° Field of View
● Automatically Emergency Recording
Voice Control (Russian version only support Russia, English version only support English)
● App Connection (Russian version support Russia, English version support English)

Difference for the verisons:

All our products undergo rigorous testing before release, including several rounds of Beta testing. We provide some test dash cams to famous technology journalist. Here are comments.




With your hands on the wheel, where they should be, you can still capture the perfect still shots or videos with just your voice commands. And you can review back the beautiful scenes and happy moments through 70 MAI APP at any time.


AI integrated is based on extensive data training. Regardless of accents, speech recognition is not an issue. Also, the speedy processor completes the voice commands almost instantly.


When collision happens, 70MAI can automatically record the emergency situation and save the videos separately to event folder. This feature avoids the emergency videos being recovered by normal loop recording. And these emergency videos can be important for police reports, accident reports and insurance claims.


By downloading our APP and accessing 70MAI Free Wi-Fi, you can view your dash cam video in real-time. You also can watch historical footage and even download your important pictures/videos to your cell phone. It's simple and does not use your SIM card.


When it working, it will ring breathing light, intuitively show the recording state, different light show different state.


Atfer receiving the voice command, it will deal with the demands rapidly, do not need to control it by devices, make your hands free.


You can install 70MAI to your vehicle by two steps simply.

The vehicle’s cigarette lighter supplies the power, so 70MAI automatically works when you start the car.


Why 70MAI?

What's In the Box




  • What is the video spec?

70MAI smart dash cam supports recording videos of 1080P, i.e. the dimension of the video is 1920*1080 pixels.
Every second the dash cam records 30 frames, i.e. 30FPS.

  • What is the image sensor of the 70MAI?

The sensor used by 70MAI is Sony IMX323.

  • Do I need manually turn on and off the dash cam?

After the dash cam is connected to the cigarette lighter receptacle in the car, you do not need to manually turn on or turn off it. Every time when the car is started (ie, the cigarette lighter port is powered on), the dash cam automatically boots up. The dash cam will turn off automatically when the vehicle is turned off (ie, the cigarette lighter port is powered off).

Some vehicle's cigarette lighter keeps being powered on even when the vehicle has been turned off, in this situation, you need to manually turn off the dash cam. And the next time you start the vehicle, you need to manually turn on the dash cam.

  • How to observe the running status of the dash cam?

Check the status indicator on the side of the dash cam. If the indicator is green, the dash cam is recording normally; if the indicator turns red, it means that the recording is abnormal.

  • What memory card does 70MAI support?

70MAI supports standard Micro SD card (TF card) with the capacity of 16GB to 64GB and speed at Class10 or above.

Make sure you use high-quality storage cards from a known brand. The actual writing speed and capacity of the low-quality storage cards may be lower than declared. Video aren't normally saved to low-quality storage cards. We don't take any responsibility for such cases.

  • Does 70MAI support firmware update?

Yes you can update the firmware of your 70MAI smart dash cam. Download the update package by the 70MAI App, and push it to the dash cam by Wi-Fi connecting. Next time when the dash cam boots up, it start to update automatically.

When you have some problems when you used the 70mai car DVR,you also can visit the website to get more information.


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