XIAOMI Go-Kart Kit Karting Conversion Toy Balance Car Kids Children’s Ride on Dual-purpose Toy Balance Car with Helmet

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Product Description

NOTE:NOT INCLUDED Ninebot mini N3b240 or Ninebot N3M300 miniPRO or 6*AA battery

Scaled car size: (max state): 1383 * 822 * 500 mm (Min state): 1004 * 822 * 459 mm
Packaging dimensions: 1095 * 865 * 510
Mass loading: ≤ 100 KG
Car seat weight: above 27.8 KG
Suitable height: 130-190 cm
Year used :> 14 olds
Auto train speed upper limit: 24 km / h
New speed limit: 8 km / h
Delayed car speed: 3 km / h
Typical flight: 15 km / strengthening plate 20 km
Fascination ratio: 2.1: 1
Separation altitude: 40 mm
Apangle: ≤ 15 °
Topography used: muddy field, flat mud land, undamaged 1 cm base floor
Working temperature: -10 to 40 ° C
Residual temperature: -20 to 50 ° C
Battery type: No. 5 battery
Quantity: 6 clauses
Pregnancy front ring: giraffe degree 80 mm, flat ratio 60%, ring diameter 5 in (127 mm)
Type: Disclaimer
Front light: 0.2 W white lED lamp
Braking system: Electric car
Braking distance: 6 m

1. By attaching your mini PRO base to the kit you're able to enjoy a fully-functional gokart, able to reach top speeds of up to 15 MPH.
2. With an adjustable frame length and a maximum payload of 220 lbs, parents and kids alike will be able to enjoy the experience.
3. You can adjust the length of the frame to suit your needs.
4. Choose from Novice, Standard and Sporty modes to suit your top speed needs.
5. Safer to control, super easy to learn.
6. The vehicle has double anti-collision protection , and the outside is a plastic energy absorption layer, which effectively reduces the impact force.
7. The inner layer is a steel main beam, which provides high strength protection for the body and prevents deformation of the car body.
8. It adopts the “electronic brake + mechanical hand brake” double brake design.
9. Using the app you can access the New Rider Tutorial, control lighting, speed settings, update firmware and more.

1 * Ninebot Gokart kits ( NOT INCLUDED Ninebot mini N3b240 or Ninebot N3M300 miniPRO or 6*AA battery )
1 * Instruction Sheet
1* Helmet